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Parent Education

The Grossmont Adult School Parent Education Program was named a Program of Excellence by the California Department of Education in 1998.
Through Parent Education classes, parents gain an understanding of their role as the primary and most important teacher their children have. This comes through their exposure to child development principles and opportunities to practice and master skills that complement each child's age-appropriate needs.
Grossmont Adult School offers two main types of parenting classes.
  • Parent Participation classes
  • Parent Lecture/Discussion classes
Parent participation classes provide activities in which the children develop cognitive, social/emotional, fine and gross motor skills, as well as an opportunity to express their creativity through age-appropriate learning centers. At the same time, adult "parent teachers" working in the classroom have the opportunity to learn the importance of these various activities to a child's growth and development. During this very important "child" classroom learning, the adult student also attends a teacher facilitated group discussion. Child rearing strategies, resources, and life long friendships are established in Parent Education classes.

Parent lecture classes provide opportunities for parents to discuss problems of mutual concern and extend their understanding and knowledge of parents. Children do not attend these classes with their parents but there may be babysitting provided. These classes operate cooperatively with other agencies such as court referral parenting classes.