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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Adult Students who meet the following requirements might be eligible for financial assistance to cover the costs of Registration Fees, and equipment and supportive services such as transportation:
  • Low income or unemployed (income review will be for the past 6 months).
  • Collecting unemployment or has received unemployment during the past 6 months.
  • Receives government benefits such as: Food stamps, Cashaid, etc.
  • To see if you qualify for financial assistance sign up for one of our CTE Orientations.  
  • Unless exempt, all males between the age of 18-26 are required to register in selective services (Military draft).
Career Training Orientations

Career Training Orientations

During the CTE Orientation, students receive general information about persuing a one of Grossmont Adult Education's career pathways.  You will learn how to access educational services and supports through Grossmont Adult Education.  Click here to sign up for a career training orientation!!!



Step 1 - Attend a CTE orientation - Mandatory
Click here to register for an upcoming orientation Orientations occur two times a month and are offered in person.  Attending an orientation is required to register for all CTE programs.  
Step 2 - Register for CTE Program - only open to students who have attended a CTE Orientation
Registration for programs will open online 6-weeks prior to the start of each course.  Registration is a first come first serve process.
Step 3 - Attend the First Day of Class - Mandatory
The first day of class will be scheduled a few weeks earlier than the program start. Attendance is mandatory for registered and waitlisted students. All program details and requirements will be reviewed during the first class day.
Looking for more career-focused direction?

Looking for more career-focused direction?

Not sure what you're interested in? No worries! The transition services team is available to help you learn more about career fields, occupations, and how Grossmont Adult Education can help you meet your goals.  Contact them now to discuss your needs and explore all of your options.

Refund Policy (non-medical):

Refund Policy (non-medical):

  • Refund requests must be made prior to the end of the second class meeting by coming to the Foothills office or calling (619) 588-3500.
  • No refunds are made after the second course meeting.
  • There will be a $5 processing fee for all courses $149 or less.
  • There will be a $25 processing fee for all courses $150 or more.
  • There will be a $25 processing fee for customer-initiated reverse charges on a credit card. To avoid this fee, please contact the office for a refund.
  • Emergencies and unforseen sitations arise on occasion that require a teacher to cancel class sessions.  Refunds will not be given for these cancellations. 
  • COVID Related Refunds:  Prorated refunds will be issued for courses that are closed due to COVID.  No refunds will be given for individual class sessions that are canceled.    
Medical (HOC) refunds: Medical class refund policies differ from non-medical career training classes.  Medical class refund policies are listed in each medical class description.