Grossmont Adult Education

The process by which our school is evaluated on the quality of our educational programs, the achievement of our students, and our plan for continuous school improvement. There are three parts of the accreditation cycle - self study, visit, and follow-up.


The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is the agency which accredits Grossmont Adult School.


The most effective and meaningful evaluation of a total school program can be conducted by the staff and students of that school. The entire staff and representatives of the student body and community are involved in the preparation of the self-study. We are currently working on our self-study. During this phase, all staff members candidly assess the school's strengths and areas needing improvement. Then, we write a comprehensive report of our findings, including an action plan to address areas of growth.
WASC Visit

WASC Visittitle

The Visiting Committee will arrive Spring 2020. This team, composed of eight people, will spend three and one-half days at the school to assess the quality of the educational program provided for students. The Visiting Committee prepares a report for the school which commends the school for its strengths and recommends areas which should receive attention prior to the next visit. The Visiting Committee also recommends a term of accreditation, based on their findings.


After the Visiting Committee leaves, we develop and refine a school plan, composed of long-term and short-range goals and correlated action steps, which corresponds to the Visiting Committee's recommendations.


The Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs) are what we expect ALL students to know, understand, and/or be able to do upon completing their program at Grossmont Adult School. These SLOs, collaboratively developed, provide focus for our entire school.
WASC Focus

WASC Focustitle

The focus of Accreditation is to ensure the school's emphasis is on addressing and meeting student learner needs.