Grossmont Adult Education

Brands are all around us. When people talk about brands, they often refer to logos and slogans. But our brand is so much more. It tells a story about Grossmont Adult Education (GAE) as GUHSD's adult school and as a member of East Region Adult Education (ERAE), one of 71 California Adult Education Program consortia. It reflects what we do and say, in a bright, bold, and dynamic way. It is how we talk about GAE and ERAE to our friends, neighbors, business partners, and visitors. It is the message we send to future, current, and former students, about the high quality we - staff, instructors, co-workers, faculty, colleagues of Grossmont Adult Education - strive to deliver in our classrooms, workshops, programs, and beyond.
Communicating a clear, consistent and compelling story to our many different internal and external audiences helps people associate our name with credibility and quality.
Please help us build our brand and reputation for Education That Works. Follow the guidelines to create a unique look and feel for Grossmont Adult Education, a member of East Region Adult Education.
General Guidelines
  • All publications, in any media, are to be approved by the Director of GAE and the Program Manager of ERAE.
  • All information needs to be readable, using a font size no smaller than 11, Futura Font.
  • To ensure consistent representation, the logo cannot be altered or distorted in any way. Do not change color, alignment, or spacing of the icon or text.

Please do not copy the images below; they are only thumbnails. To download the actual files, please scroll to the bottom of this page. For a pdf reference guide, please click the link.

GAE logo color green font
measurements and specifications
font and typography
flyer page one
flyer page two
Additional Guidelines
Photography and Video
High production standards and professional photography are critically important. For questions about photography and video, contact the director of Grossmont Adult Education.
Print Communications
Posters, event materials, banners, forms, surveys, handouts, postcards, catalogs, bookmarks, T-shirts, and more - people see GAE materials in many formats. GAE provides guidelines but does not require a universal editorial style beyond the threshold of logo use. Programs are encouraged to use their preferred style guide. Before publication, all materials, in any media, are to be aligned with East Region Adult Education branding guidelines and approved by the director of GAE.
Digital Media
Network topology icons and web templates are to be aligned with East Region Adult Education branding guidelines and approved by the director of GAE.
Social Media
Meeting our learners where they are is one of our core values. Reaching out to them through social media is invaluable. When using Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and then next great app or social platform, it is important to develop a voice that represents GAE in a clear and convincing manner. Use Grossmont Adult Education or Grossmont Adult Ed or GAE when naming an account. Use an identifiable image as the graphical representation. Be mindful of your audience and all co-workers whom you present.
Copy Rights
Our logo is an important part of our brand, so are all our branding materials. They represent our identity and are valuable pieces of intellectual property. All rights belong to GAE and ERAE.
GAE logo one - color jpg
GAE logo two - color png
GAE logo three - black/white jpg
GAE logo four - black/white png
GAE logo alternate - color jpg
GAE logo alternate - color png
GAE member of ERAE logo - color without symbol jpg
GAE member of ERAE logo - color without symbol png
Symbol two - color png
Symbol three - black/white jpg
Symbol four - black/white png
Symbol five - white
GAE flyer(two pager) - template docx