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Human Resources and Finance Fundamentals

Human Resources and Finance Fundamentals

This comprehensive 16-week certificate program will give you the skills needed to effectively initiate and complete high-level specialized administrative activities. Building a deeper understanding of payroll, spreadsheets, and office administration.  Learning industry terminology, lab practice, mathematics, and professional communications (written, oral and interpersonal communication).  Students will gain computer skills, including word processing, spreadsheets, file management, payroll, human resources, and desktop publishing. Written and oral communication is emphasized as well as the development of accuracy and attention to detail. Customer service and job development capabilities prepare you for getting a job and keeping it.

This Course Prepares You For:

The course sequence will be prepared for advancement in the careers of HR and finance. 

Acquired Skills Include:

  • Intro to Excel, HRIS, and Quickbooks
  • Assess & report inventory
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Laws
  • Client Communication 
  • I-9 benefits 
  • audits  
  • confidentiality laws
  • I-9 and employment documentation
Career Training Orientations

Career Training Orientations

During the CTE Orientation, students receive general information about persuing a one of Grossmont Adult Education's career pathways.  You will learn how to access educational services and supports through Grossmont Adult Education.  Click here to sign up for a career training orientation!!!



Step 1 - Attend a CTE orientation - Required
Click here to register for an upcoming orientation.  Orientations occur two times a month and are offered in person.  Attending an orientation is required to register for all CTE programs.  
Step 2 - Register for CTE Program - only open to students who have attended a CTE Orientation
Registration for programs will open online 6-weeks prior to the start of each course.  Registration is a first come first serve process.
Step 3 - Attend the First Day of Class - Required
The first day of class will be scheduled a few weeks earlier than the program start. Attendance is mandatory for registered and waitlisted students. All program details and requirements will be reviewed during the first class day.